How to Consistently WIN in Your Auditions

Learn How to Confidently Create Self Tape Auditions That Book!

  • Discover how to craft meaningful characters for every audition.
  • Discover 2 of the most important things Casting Directors & Producers look for in Auditions.
  • Understand how to properly use movement to enhance your auditions.

Meet Your Coach.

Hey There & Welcome!

My name is Chantal Maurice and I am an Award Winning Actress & Filmmaker. I have spent the last 7 years booking and working on Television Shows like Blue Bloods, PValley & Grey's Anatomy.

After working as a Career Consultant at a prominent NYC Acting Studio, and booking roles on over 10 TV Series, many of my Acting peers began to reach out to me for advise on booking TV roles & navigating the industry. After a year of informal coaching, I founded COSTAR COACHING - A Resource Hub aimed to Empower Actors to their fullest potential.

Many actors lack guidance when it comes to their Acting Career which can leave them feeling stuck and frustrated. I help Actors get UNSTUCK by leveling up their audition skills & helping them gain the confidence needed to JUST BOOK IT!

Learn More About Me:

This FREE training is for Actors who...

  • Want their auditions to stand up to the competition
  • Are consistently auditioning for TV/Film roles but not getting callbacks or bookings
  • Are looking to level up their Self Tape Auditions

  • Want to approach the audition process with more confidence